ASC – high-quality sensor engineering for many key industries and test applications.  

As a young, owner-managed company we realised very early on that market success depended on us developing innovative products hand in hand with our customers – test and measurement engineers from various key industries. And yes, we are proud to call it ‘German Sensor Engineering’.

So the fact that today, we can offer what is probably the world’s most comprehensive range of capacitive accelerometers, is all thanks to the partnership and trust we have nurtured with our customers. The product range is complemented by piezoresistive and piezoelectric accelerometers, gyros and inertial measurement units (IMUs). High-quality sensors from our own production – made in Germany and deployed worldwide.

Sensors specially designed to meet the individual requirements of test and measurement engineers, the key industrial sectors and the specific challenges of the most important test applications.

At ASC, you will find special measurement solutions tailored to meet the needs of key industries such as:  

We supply high-quality sensors ideal for virtually any test application, such as:

•    Durability Testing
•    Test bench applications
•    Modal analysis
•    Crash test
•    Vehicle dynamics testing
•    Hydrodynamic testing
•    Driving comfort testing
•    Structural analysis

•    Flutter tests
•    Flight tests
•    Health & usage monitoring systems (HUMS)
•    Condition monitoring
•    Structural health monitoring
•    Structural vibration tests
•    Platform stabilisation
•    Pipeline monitoring

Our development engineers are more than happy to take on the challenge of developing custom solutions for special assignments, even for low-volume series.

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