Agricultural technology

Harvest test success with ASC accelerometers.

The increasingly important role played by sensors in agricultural technology has earned ASC the status of a valued partner for many years for some key players in the agricultural machine sector. The agricultural sector places the highest demands on agricultural machines and requires not only durability on the part of our sensors, but also their ability to withstand climate and maintain temperature stability.

ASC sensors meet the highest expectations of our customers, particularly when investigating operational strength and structural matters.

And if you are really unable to find the right sensor for your specific application within our wide motion sensor range, our development engineers will happily customise a bespoke solution for you.

For the agricultural technology sector we are offering sensor solutions of unrivalled quality, including for the following applications:

Operational stability test

Capacitive accelerometers, offering measuring ranges from ± 1g to ± 400g, from ASC represent an optimal solution for motor vehicle and component endurance tests in particular, in modern agricultural engineering. These ASC sensors meet even tough requirements for long-term and temperature stability as well as measuring accuracy in their stride. For example, the triaxial ASC 5521MF sensor is ideal for determining strength, not only of tractors, but also their trailer systems as well as testing suspension and damping systems.

Driving dynamics / driving comfort measurements

Our IMU 7.x.y is also often used in vehicle testing and measurement applications during vehicle dynamic testing thanks to its light weight (only 26 grams) and the excellent performance of the MEMS acceleration and MEMS angular rate sensors.

With the IMU 7.x.y, ASC offers a unique modular system, allowing a customised configuration to meet an individual requirement. When it comes to measuring acceleration, there is a choice between the ASC LN series and ASC MF series with a measuring range of ± 2g to ± 50g as well as a rate range of ± 75 °/s to ± 900 °/s.

Structural tests

Investigations performed on structures and modal tests in modern agricultural technology and/or agricultural machinery, such as tractors, combine harvesters and shredders, typically require numerous powerful and reliable accelerometers, which can be an important cost driver for such tests. With a very appealing price-performance ratio, our triaxial, piezoelectric P203A11 accelerometer is an efficient solution to such in-depth structural tests.

This is where you will find appropriate sensors for the agricultural sector: