Flying high with superior test and measurement solutions from ASC.

For many years ASC has been a valued partner and preferred supplier of demanding testing and measurement engineers in the measuring technology. Our reliable sensors, made in Germany, are used at home and abroad on lots of large construction sites and help minimise downtime of expensive construction machinery and ensure the safety of complicated structures.

Customers in the construction industry can almost always find the right solution for their application in our wide range of accelerometers. And if they can’t, our development engineers help develop individual solutions for specific challenges.

We offer high quality sensor solutions in the construction industry for the following applications:

Condition Monitoring

Large and expensive construction machines must work reliably under sometimes difficult conditions. Any downtime would often have multiple, mostly cost-intensive consequences. Sensors from ASC are used around the world when such construction machines need to be permanently monitored during operation and even the slightest deviations need to be reported as quickly as possible to allow preventive maintenance and thereby keep the figures up and avoid unscheduled downtime. That’s why our sensors are exposed to the most difficult conditions. Our OS-115LN and OS-125MF models are very popular because they can withstand the harshest conditions and satisfy the IP68 protection class. Another impressive feature of the OS-125MF is its high shock resistance up to 6000 g.

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Measurements for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) provide informative results both for design calculations and for continuous safety inspections on critical components. ASC offers low-noise acceleration sensors especially for SHM, and also for low measuring ranges. Individual ASC sensors are available with IP67 and IP68 protection classes.

Our hermetically sealed OS-115LN sensor is often used by our customers in the construction industry to log vibration monitoring in harsh climatic environments.

Especially the vibration monitoring on bridges may require Sensors with extremely long cable lengths. Thanks to their 4-20 mA current output, the capacitive sensors of the CS series from ASC guarantee loss-free signal transmission even over extremely long cables. The tri-axial sensor CS-1611LN is also often used effectively for such applications.

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