High-precision sensor solutions for intralogistics

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) play a decisive role in boosting the efficiency of intralogistics processes. But this is possible only if the vehicles reach their destination safely and via the shortest route. High-precision sensors from ASC enable precise AGV navigation to ensure the optimal flow of goods.

Position measurement

To transport goods with an AGV from one place to another as quickly as possible, the vehicle must continuously report its location to a central computer. The computer then uses the transmitted position data to calculate the optimal driving route for the vehicles and sends the coordinates to the computer on board the AGV. Precise position data from the AGV is essential for this to work: Rotation rate sensors (gyroscopes) and inertial measurement units (IMUs) from ASC perform a key function in this process. Due to their low bias instability of 9°/hr the ASC 271 and ASC 273 gyroscopes provide very precise rotation rate measurements. The IMU 8 from ASC even features a bias instability of 0.12°/hr.

That is sufficient for a flat AGV with an integrated absolute position system. For larger vehicles without their own position system, the additional use of the IMU 7 or IMU 8 is recommended. In addition to the rotation rate sensors they also feature a series of high-precision acceleration sensors. Designed for outstanding long-term stability and low noise, they reliably measure position changes in all six degrees of freedom with high repeat accuracy.

Test and production applications

Gyroscopes and IMUs from ASC are not only ideal for use as standard equipment in AGVs. They also provide valuable data in test and measuring applications for development of those vehicles. The data measured by the sensors gives engineers important information about the acceleration behaviour and cornering performance of AGV prototypes. This makes it possible to optimally adapt the vehicles to the requirements in the field. Since every application is unique, we offer not only high-precision standard sensors, but will also be glad to develop a custom solution for your particular application. Feel free to contact us!

Digital IMUs and GNSS systems

Digital inertial measurement units from Honeywell, which are marketed by ASC, are ideal for precise position measurement in automated guided vehicles. The HGuide n580 for example features a GPS system and smart data evaluation, in addition to the gyroscopes and acceleration sensors. In combination with the IMU and GNSS data it determines the precise location of vehicles – even in real time, thanks to the high-performance RTK (Real Time Kinematic) function. The inertial measurement unit HG1120 from Honeywell, in addition to rotation rate sensors and acceleration sensors, also features a magnetometer, which makes it possible to measure positions even in the Earth’s gravitational field. And the IMU HG4930 features an impressive measuring range from -20g to +20g and extremely low angular random walk between 0.04 and 0.06°/√h, as well as a very compact design.

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