Firmly anchored measurement certainty and stability – sensors from ASC.

ASC has been working successfully with test and measurement engineers from the shipping industry for many years and now offers a perfect range of suitable accelerometers for this key sector.

We offer high quality sensor solutions in the shipping industry for the following applications:

Passenger comfort measurement

Modern cruise ships are only competitive if they can guarantee optimal passenger comfort. Our accelerometers are in use everywhere and provide developers useful insights into where possible disruptive factors, such as shocks and vibrations, arise and how the passenger comfort of their ships can be improved.

In such test and measurement applications our customers expect our sensors to have high shock resistance and low noise. The capacitive accelerometers of the OS series are ideal for use in harsh conditions. They are hermetically sealed and perform compellingly in all offshore applications.

Driving dynamics / hydrodynamic tests

When developing container ships, tests are conducted with the help of our sensors on numerous wave and weather scenarios in simulation tanks. To do this our customers use both triaxial accelerometers like the ASC OS-315LN and the ASC IMU 7.x.y. with great success.

With the IMU 7.x.y sensor, ASC offers a unique modular system that allows a customer-specific configuration for individual requirements. To measure acceleration, there is a choice between the ASC LN series and the ASC MF series with a measuring range of ± 2g to ± 50g and a yaw range from ± 75°/s to ± 900°/s.

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