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ASC CS-1711LN | Capacitive Accelerometers

Measurement Range:  
± 2 – 50 g
0.16 – 4 mV/g
Spectal Noise:              
15 μg/√Hz

ASC’s CS series is the 4-20 mA current output version of the MEMS capacitive accelerometers.

The high bandwidth series of CS type has a wide frequency response from 0 Hz to 1 kHz and the LN (Low-Noise) series of the CS type has an extremely low broadband noise, 0.2 µA typ.

ASC’s CS series accelerometers are typically used in applicationsthat demand usage of extremely long cables (>100m). Due to their excellent immunity against EMI and loss-free signal transmission over long cables, the CS series is used for SHM applications such as bridge monitoring, among others.