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ASC P203A11 | Piezoelectric Accelerometers

Housing Material:

Weight: 7,3g

ASC’s triaxial Piezoelectric IEPE accelerometers are made of PZT ceramics. The sensors feature built-in charge to voltage converters and pre-amplifiers that outputs low-impedance voltage signals. ASC‘s triaxial IEPE accelerometers require a constant current excitation to operate wherein all three axes work independently, enabling single axial supply. This option provides the flexibility to power only one or two axes during uniaxial or biaxial measurements

ASC offers triaxial IEPE sensors for Test & Measurement applications. The high-frequency IEPE sensors are light-weight, robust, high shock resistant, hermetic and operate over a wide temperature range.

ASC’s triaxial Piezoelectric IEPE accelerometers feature a detachable cable.