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  • Acceleration

    Measurement range:                     up to 16 g in all axes

    Measurement range:                      up to 500°/sec. all axes
    Angular Random Walk:                   0.3°/√hr to 0.5°/√hr
    Bias Stability:                                 10°/hr, 24°/hr, 48°/hr
    Interfaces:                                      RS-422 UART, CAN, SPI

  • Acceleration

    Measurement range:                      +/- 20 g

    Measurement range:                      to 200°/sec. all axes
    Angular Random Walk:                   0.04°/√hr to 0.06°/√hr
    Bias Stability:                                 1.0°/hr to 1.5°/hr
    Interfaces:                                      RS-422, SDLC

  • Honeywell Navigator HGuide n580

    HGuide n580 Navigation Performance

    Horizontal (m, 1σ):              0.01    RTK       0.6 SBAS
    Vertical (m, 1σ):                  0.025 RTK        0.6 SBAS
    Heading Accuracy               0.05  °, 1σ
    Pitch/Roll Accuracy            0.015 °, 1σ