At ASC we see our role not only in terms of a manufacturer or vendor but primarily a partner for dedicated testing engineers. As such, we strive to ease the burden on our customers by providing a range of useful services relating to our sensors and measurement engineering in general, thereby making their life that little bit easier.How about, for example, if we were to give you a timely reminder of the upcoming calibration of your sensors? Reflecting the need to ensure that our premium sensors continue to function reliably and provide super-accurate measurement results. And what could be easier and better than us offering to provide the calibration service on your behalf?

Isn’t it reassuring to know that you can also have repaired damaged sensors by our experienced maintenance professionals in a smooth process?

As you may already be aware, we are best-placed to advise you on the right choice of sensors for your application. But the truly stand-out feature we offer is giving you the opportunity chance for in-depth discussions with the development engineers who have designed our – or maybe your – special sensors.

Learn more about our service features for pro consulting, calibration laboratory and maintenance service on the following pages.

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