Calibration service

Calibration Service

No matter how high the quality, all sensors have to be recalibrated at certain intervals to ensure they can dependably deliver reliable and error-free measurement results. Nothing makes more sense than having your sensors perfectly calibrated in the same place they were developed and manufactured with unrivalled attention to detail.

The following calibrations are offered to ensure measurement accuracy by our company directly in-house using a modern Spektra calibration system:

  • Low Frequency calibration within the range of 0.4 Hz to 160 Hz
  • Middle Frequency calibration from 5 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Pendulum calibration from 300 m/s² to 2000 m/s²

We also team up with our partners to offer calibration of angular rate sensors as well.

From as far back as 2007, we at ASC have been offering our valued customers the service of recalibrating sensors to ensure they are 100% ready for all new work deployment. Incidentally, we also offer this service for accelerometers from other manufacturers, which we will happily fine-tune with the same precision and care.

We make the process even smoother, by issuing reminders to you, to send your sensors for calibration promptly before the calibration interval expires.

The Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) has awarded to our calibration laboratory the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation for calibrations and has confirmed our competence to perform calibrations in the field of mechanical acceleration measurements.

Certificate registration number: D-K-18110-01-00

ASC´s DAkkS Accreditation

Attachment to the DAkkS Accreditation

ISO 17025-compliant calibration is offered in our laboratory by: 

  • A calibration certificate based on standards from organisations such as PTB, NIST, DPLA, NPL
  • Back-to-back calibration according to ISO 16063 with recognised measurement standards
  • Internationally recognised calibration results
  • An accredited calibration certificate with frequency response and indication of measurement uncertainty

The service scope is based on the valid list of the calibration services offered in the back-to-back process according to DIN ISO 16063-21: 2004-01 for vibration and vibration speed sensors, and includes a calibration certificate according to ISO 17025 which documents the compliance with national standards.

Incidentally, all new ASC accelerometers come calibrated as standard prior to delivery.

For any questions about our calibration service or the request for an offer, please contact our calibration laboratory directly:

+49.84 41.78 65 47 -43

or your trusted customer advisor.

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